Glamour Portrait | Marisa
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Glamour Portrait | Marisa

You deserve to become a work of art because you are a masterpiece of nature. | Leedina

Marisa visited the studio to update her personal branding images. When we finished the session I asked if she wanted to stay a little longer to have some fun. I suggested that she could choose a dress from the studio's collection and I could capture some glamour images of her. Marisa answered my question with a megawatt smile, followed by a resounding yes.

The simple yet elegant floor sweeping lace dresses caught Marisa's fancy. I really felt that the red lace would suit her and I suggested shooting the red dress on the red background. Marisa liked the idea of adding the red peonies as an accent to her hair. Then we played around a bit with the styling, ending up accenting the ensemble with the black tulle shawl to add structure to the image and to help position her hands. The pose and expression also bestowed a painterly effect to the overall image.

Afterwards Marisa observed to me that I turn people into works of art. I thought it was the best compliment and one that I gratefully accepted.

Session Details:

Hand painted red mulsin back drop | Natural Light

Dress and accessories from the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.