Contemporary Glamour Portrait | Back Light | Lily
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Contemporary Glamour Portrait | Back Light | Lily

Ethereal is the number one adjective viewers use to describe my images captured against the back-light. Dreamy is the second. Heavenly or angelic compete for third.

Feminine and beautiful are also popoular. As is gorgeous.

To capture an image like this all I need is the sun shining and you in my studio. Back lit images can be captured outdoors when shooting towards the sun during golden hour, which starts about an hour before sunset. The images are warm and slightly hazy. Rays of light may decorate the edges of the frame. Orbs of colorful light, called bokeh, may float pleasingly within the image. Here in the desert, the outdoor sessions are best, of course, in the winter months. Studio sessions are available year round.

I've tried photographing darker colors against the back-light but have found that lighter colors are best. Ivory and white are preferred tones but very light pastels are beautiful, too.

The back-light is complementary to a boudoir-style photoshoot and works equally well with contemporary or vintage styling.

Lily was enthusiastic over the studio's collection of flowers. She added flowers to accessorize several wardrobe selections which added a unifying, feminine touch to her portfolio of images.

In addition to flowers, the studio accessories include crowns, hair bands, shawls, appliques, belts, fans, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Session details:

Bay Window | Natural Light

Lace dress, vintage slip and roses are part of the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.