Fashion-Inspired On-Location Photoshoot in Bisbee | Mat
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Fashion-Inspired On-Location Photoshoot in Bisbee | Mat

The tricky thing with outdoor portrait sessions is that you never know what is going to happen with the weather. When photoshoots are planned weeks in advance we have know idea what the weather will bring when we are shooting on location, even in primarily sunny Arizona. Here's the thing with Southern Arizona, it can snow in the winter (just like it did last week). Every summer brings the monsoon season that spans from late June, or early July, through early to mid-September.

Such was the case when my sister, who was also the stylist extraordinaire for the photoshoot, and I met up with Mat to photograph him in downtown Bisbee on what happened to be a moody August afternoon. We were only able to shoot for a short period of time before the skies produced booming thunder and streaks of lightening. A torrential downpour quickly followed which promptly ended the photoshoot.

Fortunately Mat, Juliette and I were all able to meet again the next day. The sky was overcast to partly cloudy, and threatened to rain again as we hopped in and out of the car, jumping into yards and roadside tableaus to capture images like the one you see above and below.

Location: Bisbee, Arizona

Stylist: Juliette Beaumont -> Check out her vintage clothing store inside Acacia Art and Antiques located at 69 Main Street in Old Historic Bisbee

Location: Bisbee, Arizona.