Purple Velvet and Semi-Precious Gemstones | Madeleine
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Purple Velvet and Semi-Precious Gemstones | Madeleine

Sometimes I do not recognize my influences or inspiration for a photo shoot until afterwards when I'm culling through the images and a few observations will occur to me. In this particular case I discovered after the fact that I was channeling the charms of Millicent Rogers (b. 1902 -d. 1953), who I discovered during a road trip through New Mexico with my sister

Millicent was an oil heiress, a socialite who became a fashion icon and, then, later towards the end of her short life an activist for the civil rights of Native Americans. Millicent had a flare for the dramatic. She adored wearing velvet and draping herself in turquoise accessories including necklaces, bracelets, earrings broaches and belts. Gorgeous pieces from her clothing and jewelry collection are on display in Taos at the Millicent Rogers Museum, a destination well worth the visit. 

While I am a fan of minimalism in portraiture, I am also clearly in favor of creating a statement in an image with the bold incorporation of vibrant colors and stacked jewelry. In particular, velvet photographs beautifully whether the fabric is a dark brown or black or in jewel tones, like the amethyst top featured in Maddie's portrait. 

I have a selection of velvet tops, skirts and dresses in a variety of sizes in the studio's wardrobe collection available for clients to wear during a photo shoot. We can mix and match your clothes and accessories to create a unique look, if you are attracted to a more dramatic style. 

Session details: Gray hand painted muslin background | Natural light

Location: Tucson, Arizona.