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Painterly-Style Portrait | Lily

Ultimately, fine art portrait photographs are the family heirlooms of the future. | Dakota Murphey

The goal of my fine art portrait photography is to create an image that is timeless and beautiful, printed with high-quality ink on fine art paper, gorgeously framed and hung on a wall.

Along with most folks, I stopped printing my family's photographs in the early 2000s. It is such a shame. I have images stuck on hard drives that I am trying to figure out how to save. As time marches on that effort doesn't get any easier. Then, culling through the images, having them printed or made into books will take a lot of time. I wish I had kept up with my analog processes in a digital world. It's not too late though to learn from my past mistakes.

I have come to learn that printed images matter. Our memories matter. Digital images are at risk for being forever lost. We are all one failed hard drive away from losing our photographs unless those digital files are properly, and redundantly, backed-up.

Because we stopped printing images, we have forgotten how beautiful a high-quality photographic print can be. We have succumbed to grudgingly accepting low-quality prints available from the ubiquitous pharmacy chain and big box stores.

Because I value photography and art, I offer high-quality professional prints on the best fine art paper. You receive the best of both worlds, a high-resolution digital file with every print purchase.

Session details:

Natural light | Hand painted gold muslin backdrop

Tulle skirt, tulle wrap and vintage necklace are available in the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.