Maternity Fine Art Black and White Portrait | Amber
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Maternity Fine Art Black and White Portrait | Amber

Every time I create an image like this I pinch myself. Honestly, look how gorgeous Amber is at this late stage in her pregnancy. A photograph serves as a beautiful reminder of how the rest of the world sees a pregnant woman—glowing and beautiful, the giver of life—while she's feeling like, enough already; I am ginormous and I just want to give birth. Now. This minute.

I discovered Lola Melani, a photographer from New York who specializes in maternity, newborn and beauty photography, while attending The Portrait Masters convention in Phoenix. During a 90 minute educational session Lola taught how to capture stunning maternity portraits. I was instantly captivated with her fine art nudes that she presented in a slideshow during her keynote speech. On stage, Lola worked with a pregnant model to demonstrate step-by-step how to create elegant images with both draped and flowing fabric.

Amber brought her mother with her to our session. Mom was a huge help, acting as an assistant, when needed. I always encourage my clients to bring a friend or a family member, or both to a consultation and/or photoshoot, people who make you laugh and feel good about yourself. Your entourage can be just the thing to help to reduce nervousness, which will elevate your photoshoot experience.

Session Details:

Black Velvet Backdrop | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.