Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 1 |Savannah
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Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 1 |Savannah

A photoshoot is an excellent excuse to dress-up and have fun all in the name of capturing beautiful photographs that you will keep forever and ever. Amen.

Seriously, you get to a certain age and think... I should have taken more photos of myself when I was younger. But, here's the good news (no regrets), it's never too late because you are beautiful and worthy of photographs at any and every age.

My niece and I have an on-going inside joke about the things we never regret. For example, we never regret a work-out, or eating ice cream. One of the items on our list is a photoshoot. We have never, ever, ever regretted a photoshoot.

Sure, on a first photoshoot there might be a bit of nervousness from a first time client, but that emotion is quickly swept away within short order. And the end result of a photoshoot is always something to be gleeful about. When you see your images at the reveal session... well, all I can say, is that it is special and beyond amazing. You won't know how it feels until you experience it for yourself.

Savannah and I had so much fun during her photoshoot. We were all excited about this look most of all and we saved it towards the end of the day when we knew that we'd all be firing on all cylinders. #magic

Session Details: White Background | Studio Lighting

Make-Up: Areli Jones

Hair Stylist: Claudia Ratcliffe with Gadabout Salon Spa on Oracle

Studio Wardrobe

Location: Tucson, Arizona.