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A photography studio that puts fun into a photoshoot and artistry into well-crafted magazine-style photographs for personal and family collections, social media, digital marketing, and print marketing.

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Profile of Mayra
Mermaid Creative Portrait | Lauren
Kids Couture Portrait | Jaycee
Fashion-Inspired On-Location Photoshoot in Bisbee | Mat
Fine Art Vintage-Style Portrait | Maddie
Mermaid Portrait | Savannah
Boudoir-Style Portrait | Maddie
Maternity Portrait | Amber
Award-Winning Portrait | Melodie and Danielle
Dancing in the Light | 6 | Quesha
Award-Winning Contemporary Portrait | 2 | Quesha
Contemporary Glamour Portrait | Juliette
Couples Portrait Session | Canna and Franklin
Sisters'  Portrait | Lowry and Lindsey
Creative Fine Art | Savannah
Fashion-Inpsired Photoshoot in Bibee | Matt
Dramatic Portrait for High School Senior | Trinity
Portrait of Jahnavi
Field of Flowers Portrait | Kayla
Maternity Fine Art Black and White Portrait | Amber
Mother and Daughters Portrait | Dawn
Mother and Daughter Portrait | Ursula and Nia
Fashion Flare Portrait in Black Latex | 1 | Savannah
Mother and Child Portrait | Abby and Maricio
Contemporary Portraiture | Dawn
On Location Couples Photo Shoot | Daniela and Titus
Dancing In the Light | 8 | Quesha
Dancing in the Light | 4 | Quesha
Mother and Daughter Ethereal Portrait | Ali and Coral
Contemporary Portraiture | Delia
Ethereal Portrait | Lily
Contemporary Glamour Portrait | Back Light | Lily
Southern Belle Portrait | Tori
Contemporary Glamour Portraits | Ramona
Vintage-Style Portrait | Jay
John William Waterhouse Inspired Portrait | Lauren
Contemporary Portrait | Claudia
Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 1 |Savannah
Vanity Fair-Style Family Portrait
Professional Branding Portraiture | Lily
The Siren | Lindsey
Contemporary Glamour Portrait | Sonora
Dancing in the Light | 7 | Quesha
Dancing in the Light | 3 | Quesha
Va-Voom Glamour Portrait | Sherron
Gold Tulle Bohemian Glamour Portrait | Sonora
Contemporary Portraiture | Miranda
Frame Within A Frame Portrait | Maddie
Field of Flowers Creative Portraits | Campbell
Abby | Miss Tucson Personal Branding Photoshoot
Andrea | Under the Outdoor Canopy with Fabrics
Mother and Daughter Portrait | Rebecca and Abby
Three Generations Portrait | Claudia and Family
Fashion Flare Portrait | Savannah
The Copper Queen | Savannah
Fine Art Mermaid Portrait | Campbell
Painterly-Style Portrait | Lily
Dancing in the Light | 9 | Quesha
Contemporary Portrait with a Vintage Vibe | Quesha
Contemporary Portrait Session | Melodie
Purple Velvet and Semi-Precious Gemstones | Madeleine
Glamour Portrait with Red Roses | Lily
Redhead with Flowers | Abigail
Professional Branding | Avalon
Contemporary Portraiture | Ursula
The End of the Evening | Titus and Daniela
Rococo-Inspired Creative Portrait | Victoria
Creative Portrait | Marlena
Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 2 |Savannah
Marie-Antoinette Inspired Portrait with Ship | Maddie
The Queen of Clubs | Rebecca
Fine Art Mother and Daughter Outdoor Mermaid Portrait
Contemporary Portraiture | Marlena
Field of Flowers | Abigail
Dancing in the Light | 5 | Quesha
Portrait of a Beauty Queen | Shanna
Photoshoot with Shanna, USA National Miss Arizona 2018
Candid Family Portrait | Dawn, Miranda, Delia & Marlena
The Three Graces | Marlena, Delia and Miranda
Sisters' Glamour Portrait | Lowry and Lindsey
Mother and Daughter Mermaid Portrait

The studio only offers products of the highest quality: heirloom prints on premium paper (and the corresponding digital files), archival mats, folio boxes, albums, magazines, cards, slideshow videos and gallery/museum-quality wall art.

It's beautiful to be you. How do you want to be photographed?

Call 1-833-277-8721 or email artifactps@gmail.com to book your complimentary consultation.

The studio is located in Tucson, Arizona | Available to travel.

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