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Southern Belle Portrait | Tori

Southern hospitality... not a tangible thing, but an attitude which has been ingrained in southerners forever. It's a feeling of being sincerely welcomed as a guest or a long lost friend; a way of life that lets people be as warm as the climate. It's an easiness in speaking with total strangers or anyone, a unique friendliness encompassing the whole way of life in the deep south. It's not something one does, it's the way one is. | Dee Jackson

Tori has the look of a model: tall, lean and gorgeous. She's one of the few women that I know that looks forward to stepping in front of the camera. Tori adores the camera and it returns the favor in their symbiotic relationship.

I'm a California girl born and raised. The first time I visited the Deep South was when I flew to Tennessee for a tradeshow. It was the first time I've encountered culture shock without leaving the USA. My momma raised me to say please and thank you, but Southern folk operate on an entirely different playing field when it comes to manners and etiquette.

More often than not Tori calls me Ma'am, which I find endearing. It was also the first clue that Tori was a transplant to Tucson just like me. She seemed surprised when I asked her where she was from. How did I know she was from elsewhere? Because every time I asked her a question that required a simple yes or no she replied warmly with "Yes, Ma'am" or "No, Ma'am".

Tori loves combing through my racks of dresses and trying on all the different styles from casual to elegant. When Tori came out of the dressing room in the yellow gown we all gasped. When we decided to capture some outdoor portraits, the light spring breeze caught the layered dress and the fabric floated on the air. Tori looked like a waking dream and the epitome of a Southern belle.

Session Details:

Bougainvillea flowers | Natural Light

Makeup Artist | Lauren Stidham with EVER Skincare

Studio wardrobe

Location: Tucson, Arizona.