Sisters'  Portrait | Lowry and Lindsey
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Sisters' Portrait | Lowry and Lindsey

Twin Problem #12: When people ask what being a twin is like. | Anonymous

Lindsey and I were developing a friendship over several months before she casually dropped the information that there is a mirror image of her walking the earth.

"You know I have a twin sister, don't you?" Lindsey said a little cautiously as if she was releasing a state secret.

"What?" I exclaimed. My eyes grew wide with excitement. "You've been holding out on me."

And so it came to pass, within a couple short weeks, that the sisters were in my studio and in front of my camera for a portrait session.

I am the youngest of four sisters so I know and enjoy the close bond of sisterhood. My sisters and I have always been thankful that we have each other. We often know what the other is thinking before words are spoken. But when watching twins interact, one can quickly see that they are operating on a different frequency altogether. Twins truly are as close as two people can be and to watch them interact with each other is a blast. I truly enjoyed orbiting their universe over the course of an afternoon.

Session Details:

Black foam core backdrop | Studio Lighting

Dresses are from the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.