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Contemporary Portrait Session | Melodie

A little wind in the hair is always a good thing, trust me on this fact. Unless, of course, your walking in sub zero temperatures bracing yourself against the wind wondering if you'll turn into an icicle before reaching your destination. That chilling scenario is horrible in my world and is precisely why I live in the Sonoran desert. Better to live with more heat than too much cold.

In the studio, a fan in the hair creates movement, and in my opinion, movement in a photo is highly desirable. Movement provides a dynamic element in an otherwise static image. Give me a little movement, or motion blur in just about any photo, and I'm excited. It's the small things in life, but it's true.

Windswept hair looks graceful and sexy. As women, we're often trying to replicate how our loose curls look like at the end of the day at the beach. There is such a thing as do-it-yourself sea-salt spray and styling tutorials for hair with "gorgeous beachy waves". You can Google it. Too funny, but true.

Movement also applies to articles of clothing. Swirling skirts, softly billowing dresses, and sashaying shawls all look feminine and add visual interest to an image when the fabric is in motion. We like to refer to it as beautiful blur. 

Session Details: Gold hand painted muslin backdrop | Studio Lighting

Makeup Artist (MUA) and Styling/Wardrobe: Tricia Bennett

Location: Scottsdale, Arizona.