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Fine Art Vintage-Style Portrait | Maddie

I feel as if I should perhaps compose a sonnet for this image, or completely change gears and say, in a sly English accent, "'elo, poppet."

I'm conflicted, but no matter. Any way I slice it, whether she's supposed to be in a French court or on a pirate ship, I absolutely love this image.

For starters, I just have the urge to put a corset over everything at the moment. Corsets flaunt what you want to flaunt and hide what you want to hide. Every woman looks fantastic in a corset. It's a universal truth that only an idiot would deny.

My sister, Linda made the tulle skirt and I appreciate how she sewed it in panels so we can give special attention to the thigh-high covered leg and grant a little peek at the ruffled bloomers.

The riding gloves are a nice touch to complement the top hat as if she is about to go for a ride through the countryside side-saddle on a well-trained mare. My only regret is that the riding crop did not make it into this particular photo.

And, finally, the wig. I can't tell you how much fun I have had, and continue to have, dreaming-up ways of decorating my collection of Marie-Antoinette inspired wigs.

If you fancy a vintage spin to your photoshoot, we can always add a Marie-Antoinette inspired set.

Session Details: Red muslin backdrop | Studio Lighting

Styling by me

Studio wardrobe and accessories

Location: Tucson, Arizona.