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Fashion Flare Portrait | Savannah

This kickass image was Savannah's choice for wall art. Because, look at her. Amaze balls.#enoughsaid

I feel pretty passionately about wall art. So much so that I include wall art with every Legacy Fine Art Portrait Collection. I also went the extra mile to source wall art that will stand the test of time.

Of the available options, Savanna selected the Canvas Pro wall art, which is a canvas, but it is like no canvas you have ever seen. The Canvas Pro is made in Italy by artisans.

The printing is high-definition with archival ink. The manufacturer states, "A superior quality canvas, mounted on a planar element that will never collapse, or allow the canvas to loosen and bulge like other panels available on the market. The back panel, available in different colors, is obtained from a rigid monoblock, perfect in every aspect, including the edges and angles with precision to the millimeter. No need to hide the back panel. There are no staples or unsightly mounting. All around perfection!"

All of that and more. A Canvas Pro is easy to hang due to an imbedded 3D molded hanger.

There are 92 standard sizes to choose from. And, if that wasn't enough, there are two thicknesses to choose between: 2.3" and 1.2". Go big and bold, or thin and lean.

To summarize, the Canvas Pro is museum and gallery quality.

Why? Because you deserve it. You, my dear, are a work of art.

Session Details: White background | Studio Lighting

Make-up Artist: Areli Jones

Hair Stylist: Claudia Ratcliffe with Gadabout Salon Spa on Oracle

Studio wardrobe

Location: Tucson, Arizona.