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Creative Portrait | Marlena

I am attracted to double exposures, a photographic technique that combines two exposures to create one image. In particular, some of my favorite double exposures are those that create a ghosting effect of the subject. This effect can be created in camera, or by combining two images in Photoshop, as I did here.

During the culling process, whereby I decide which images to edit and present to the client, I was attracted equally to both images. However, I felt that the captures were too similar to warrant editing both. Intently comparing the two images side-by-side, I was suddenly struck by the idea of combining both images into one portrait. With much gratitude and thanks to the Goddess of Inspiration I found the perfect answer to my quandary.

When this image was revealed at the purchasing session, Marlena, her mother and two sisters gasped. The photograph was definitely a family favorite from the beautiful collection of images.

I am so happy with this image that I now will shoot purposefully to capture a multi-exposure image. The most advanced multi-exposure edit I have completed to date is combining four images into one photograph. I keep telling myself to stop because the images can take a long time to edit, but the outcome is always worth it, so I continue on.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.