Gold Tulle Bohemian Glamour Portrait | Sonora
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Gold Tulle Bohemian Glamour Portrait | Sonora

Sonora and I were recently walking around one of a hundred ginormous tents during the world famous Tucson Gem and Mineral Show meeting the vendors and being tempted by items that we don't need but nevertheless want to buy.

We were perusing a jewelry case letting our eyes glide over all the gorgeous handmade pieces when I looked up and saw the saleswoman behind the counter keenly eyeing Sonora. With both our attention now fully on the woman, the clerk unabashedly asked Sonora if she happened to hail from Bisbee, Arizona? Why, yes... yes she is from Bisbee.

We all laughed and chatted about the quirks and charms of Bisbee, a former mining town now populated with artists, writers, hippies, vagabonds, retirees, some enterprising business owners and some reclusive folks that are probably just hiding out. In a word, it's "eclectic."

Sonora's style is uniquely hers and she has a closet filled with amazing vintage clothes. She effortlessly pulls together eclectic outfits and accessorizes with statement earrings.

The question whenever I photograph Sonora is how to stylize her because she effortlessly wears just about any article of clothing and has the confidence to carry it off. What we were aiming for in this image is a modern, sexy Renaissance vibe.

Session Details: Black velvet background | Natural light

Wardrobe: We quickly made a bustier-style top from a bolt of tulle to match a tulle skirt in the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.