Mermaid Portrait | Savannah
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Mermaid Portrait | Savannah

When I ask a client if she would like to do something fun at the end of her photoshoot, that isn't something she'd normally wear or do, can you guess the most common answer?

Yes, that's right. The correct answer is mermaid.

And why not? Mermaids are enduring symbols of transformation and sensuality, themes I like to continually explore throughout my portfolio of images.

Year round I capture indoor mermaid portraits in my studio, like this captivating image of Savannah. About once a year, I set-up a rectangular pool in my backyard to capture outdoor mermaid portraits. The pool is filled with a shallow depth of water the netting is added and a variety of sea shells.

A collection of sparkly costume jewelry, pearls and seashell necklaces are available to be draped upon the body. Finally, you choose an ornate handmade crown to be placed on your head to complete the transformation from mortal to water goddess.

What I know for sure, is that we all thrive by indulging in a little fun. When we suspend the routine of our daily lives and revisit the pleasure of doing an activity just for the sake of enjoyment, it is then that we are reminded just how wonderful it can be to play. Transforming into a mermaid for a spell is an exercise in having fun. And, then, of course, there will be at least one gorgeous mermaid portrait of you to add to your fine art collection of images.

Session Details:

Painted muslin background | Studio Lighting

Make-Up by Areli Jones | Hair by Claudia Ratcliffe of Gadabout Salon Spas on Oracle

Location: Tucson, Arizona.