Photoshoot with Shanna, USA National Miss Arizona 2018
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Photoshoot with Shanna, USA National Miss Arizona 2018

I am in the business of photographing people that typically don't enjoy being photographed. So usually I am actively working to shift my client's energy from cold to warm to hot over the course of a portrait session. I love watching the transformation take place over a photoshoot. I never tire of it.

A client is initially nervous, but then slowly there is a metamorphosis as I talk her through a variety of poses and expressions. The stiff body language and anxious countenance are gently swept away as we chat and laugh while we capture amazing images. The shift in her confidence can not only be seen, but also felt. The transformation of energy from closed to open is extraordinary.

Shanna is an exception. With her years of pageant experience, Shanna started our session by expertly striking a pose and producing a mega watt smile that could light up a sports stadium. I have learned over the years that the most sexy thing a woman can project—of any age—is confidence. So many of the young women I spend time with are, like Shanna, vibrating at the speed of light and full of optimism for the future. Their beauty within shines brightly and what could be more beautiful than that?

I invite you to experience this transformation for yourself. Call me to discuss how you'd like to be photographed.

Session Details: Black foamcore background | Natural Light

Professional Makeup + Styling/Wardrobe: Lisa Campbell Schaaf

Location: Glendale, Arizona.