Fashion Flare Portrait in Black Latex | 1 | Savannah
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Fashion Flare Portrait in Black Latex | 1 | Savannah

Savannah wanted to explore avant-garde wardrobe and styling for her photoshoot. Yes please, more please. I love that every photoshoot is a new adventure.

My team and I had free reign to be as creative as we wanted to be, which is always an exciting prospect.

During the consultation Savannah had a blast rummaging through the studio's 5 racks of clothes, trying on everything that struck her fancy. We grouped her selections by hanging the apparel on the backdrops and then we started outlining a plan for accessories, make-up and hairstyles.

We ultimately designed a photoshoot with more wardrobe changes than usual. I typically recommend 3 to 5, but with Savannah we ultimately completed 8 looks with 10 set changes. The goal was to start simple with no make-up for a fresh, natural look and then steadily progress from natural to avant-garde by changing hair and make-up at each wardrobe change.

We plotted an aggressive schedule to capture a diverse set of images. Because we were so organized, with a mapped plan, we successfully navigated the day. The photoshoot was so much fun I didn't want to call a wrap, but sadly all photoshoots must eventually come to an end. But the memories thankfully linger and the gorgeous photographs are documented proof of the superb day. #goodtimes

Session Details:

White fabric background | Studio Lighting

Make-Up by Areli Jones | Hair by Claudia Ratcliffe of Gadabout Day Spa on Oracle

Location: Tucson, Arizona.