Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 2 |Savannah
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Contemporary Portrait with Fashion Flare | 2 |Savannah

Some of my favorite photos are those caught in-between poses. I've learned through experience to be ready for moments that are brought forth while the model is in transition from one pose to another, or while she is adjusting her hair or jewelry. This is why I like to take my time with my clients, so we can capture natural expressions that occur from taking a break in the action.

When the camera is lowered, clients tend to relax into their natural postures. I'll look at my client and say, "Don't move. Stay right where you are." And, we'll get the shot.

This is one of those images I continue to go back to in Savannah's collection of photographs. It's an image where Savannah is posed but she's having an unscripted moment with her hair. There's a bit of blur from the action captured in the shot. Savannah's eye make-up is perfect and with her eyes lowered the viewer is able to see the beautiful dimension of the eye shadow.

With this photoshoot, Savannah gave my team the leeway to expand upon what we'd normally do for make-up, lashes, hair and styling for a fashion-style photoshoot. Savannah desired an edgier look moving towards the avant-garde as we progressed through the wardrobe changes.

No two photoshoots are the same because each photoshoot is designed for how a client wants to be photographed.

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Session Details: White Backdrop | Studio Lighting

Make-Up: Areli Jones

Hair Stylist: Claudia Ratcliffe with Gadabout Salon Spa on Oracle

Studio wardrobe and accessories.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.