Portrait of Jahnavi
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Portrait of Jahnavi

Jahnavi wasn't able to come to Tucson for a photoshoot so I went to Tempe to photograph her. I packed and transported a backdrop stand and multiple hand painted backdrops, a strobe, modifier, light stand, a swivel stool, apple boxes, multiple lenses and camera. Going on location with a bunch of gear is a bit of a pain, but worth it.

On top of the gear, I also culled through the studio's extensive wardrobe collection and selected dresses that she could choose to wear, if she liked. Jahnavi ended up choosing a mix of her clothing and mine for four wardrobe changes.

I was so happy when Jahnavi asked me if I would like for her to wear a lehenga, a traditional Indian dress. Oh yes, please. I may have even jumped up and down in excitement (sounds like something I would do). When she emerged in the ornate coral and gold confection with the blue and gold dupatta I was mesmerized. The choli, a midriff-baring top, was accented in the back with cascading tassels.

Later in the session Jahnavi switched to a sunflower yellow lehenga with coral accents that was also stunning. The dupattas can be draped to cover the midriff and head depending upon the occasion.

Session Details: Hand painted muslin background | Studio Strobe

Location: Tempe, Arizona.