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The 50 Over 50 Experience

There are more people aged 50+ than ever before—accounting for 35% of the population— and yet our stories, in particular women's stories, are the least told, and our images are the least seen in the media. Once we cross over the threshold to fifty, at the height of stepping into our power as wise women, we begin to feel invisible. And yet by navigating our lives' journeys we as mature women are:

Strong. Experienced. Beautiful. Confident. Powerful.

We're not having a mid-life crisis, we're experiencing a mid-life revolution. It's not only important to be heard as a woman, it's also important to be seen. We want to hear you and see you. We invite you to connect with a community of women who are discovering the magic of transformation in the second act of our lives.

It's time to see yourself as others see you. Beautiful just the way you are. Right, here, right now.

In 2023, our team will capture gorgeous portraits of 50 women over the age of 50 with the project culminating in a portrait exhibition and print magazine to celebrate these women and their stories.

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This is your opportunity to be seen and heard.

Meet the Styleographer®
Michelle Owens

Portrait Photographer + Stylist

Who Can Participate in the Project?

We would love to have this project be a reflection of our diverse community. Let’s share our wisdom, cultures and stories. Beauty is in all ages, skin hues and body types.

Many women are only photographed professionally once in a lifetime: on their wedding day. One day your loved ones will go searching for images of you. What will they find?

Our passion is to take an everyday woman and give her an unforgettable celebrity-style magazine photoshoot experience. Feel what it is like to be the center of attention for a day. Every photoshoot is an exciting, pampering, tailored experience that is focused on YOU!

This project is so much more than capturing beautiful photographs. Our hope for you to truly reconnect with yourself, and to see your beauty and spirit the way others already see you.

For your participation fee of $795.00 plus tax, you will receive:

  • consultation to discuss how you would like to be photographed
  • access to the studio's wardrobe and accessories collection
  • one professional makeover by a licensed makeup artist
  • expertly guided photoshoot
  • reveal session to view your beautiful images
  • your wisdom shared in print and across social media
  • one ticket to the Portrait Gala
  • a beautiful portrait of you on display in the Portrait Exhibition
  • a profile in the Wise Women: 50 Over 50 print magazine
  • one heirloom-quality matted print, plus corresponding digital file with print release, plus the opportunity to purchase more beautiful portraits from your style photoshoot
  • take home your portrait from the Portrait Gala

Experience how one photograph can change how you see yourself.

There is a Queen in every single one of us eager to fully express herself.

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Curious to see more? Check out additional images, videos and behind the scenes moments at:

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