Boudoir-Style Portrait | Maddie
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Boudoir-Style Portrait | Maddie

I love celebrating the feminine in my portraiture work, in all of its forms. I often am asked if I offer boudoir sessions and the answer is yes. An enthusiastic yes. I'm happy to beautifully capture women whether or not they are wearing pants, or nothing at all. Regardless of attire, or lack thereof, my aim is to capture gorgeous, classy images that will help you change the way you see yourself.

This image was for Maddie and not for anyone else. She gave me a couple hours of her life, and I, in turn, gave her images that she will have and cherish for the rest of her life. Her 80 year old self will thank her, profusely, when the time comes.

Maddie had recently been inked and she liked the idea of capturing an image that prominently featured it. Flashdance was a favorite film of mine back in the day. I was a junior in high school when the film released, and as a dancer, I loved the visually striking and memorable dance scenes. I embraced the fashion trend inspired by the heroine of story who wore an over-sized, one shoulder-slouch shirt, leggings and leg warmers. With that attire she could dance like a maniac (pun intended... hee hee).

I had recently added the off-the-shoulder pink sweater to the studio's wardrobe collection and I thought it would be perfect for a sexy, yet still conservative, boudoir-style image.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.