Children's Couture Portrait | Campbell
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Children's Couture Portrait | Campbell

I really enjoy photographing young girls that are old enough to enjoy the process of being photographed and young enough to be blissfully unconcerned about how they look. They are curious about the world and occupy their time with hobbies. By the time a young girl is 8 or 9 or 10, they are beyond making crazy smiles for the camera and are instead all about making beautiful images.

During the photoshoot we can chat about dancing, or karate, or art, or chess, or swimming, or books, or mermaids, or whatever is top of mind for them. The girls are excited to see the variety of crowns available to wear, including the beauties that I've made. And they can dig through the big pile of flowers to choose blooms to hold or place in their hair.

I've been steadily growing my inventory of clothing for children's "couture" portrait sessions. I am especially drawn to vintage blouses and dresses. I keep adding tulle skirts for dance sessions.

Campbell fell in love with the black lace dress and she was very firm over holding purple flowers. She's not a girl that goes for pink, which is fine by me. My goal is for my client, whether she is 8 or 80, to be part of the process of creating beautiful images so that the images truly represent her personality.

Session Details:

Black foamcore background | Studio lighting

Studio wardrobe

Bronze Award | Portrait Masters: September 2018

Location: Tucson, Arizona.