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Outdoor Glamour | Kayla

Kayla visited the studio with her friend, Lindsey for a girls day out session. The studio's session fee includes professional makeup and styled hair for two. Because isn't life better when we can participate in fun activities with our besties?

Besides, you know that your friend will help you look and feel your best. She'll help you feel comfortable and she'll make you laugh. You two can try on items from the studio's wardrobe collection and help each other choose what to wear. Our friends will encourage us to try on clothes that we might not normally gravitate towards but end up looking like a million bucks wearing (even though we secretly thought it might look terrible).

If we mistakenly think we are too old to wear flowers in our hair, our friends will let us know if we're rocking the look or if some other accessory is perhaps a better choice.

I love my studio because women are free to express themselves however they want, or however they might be feeling on that particular day. Because honestly, we all encompass every type of woman, and we might be multiple women on any given day.

Whether your the sporty girl, the glamour girl, the professional girl, the funny girl, the sexy girl, the shy girl, the nerdy girl, the pin-up girl, the country girl, the boho girl, the girl next door, the vixen or whatever label you want to throw out, I can capture images that you'll love.

So it really comes down to, how do you want to be photographed?

Session Details:

Eucalyptus Trees in the background | Natural Light

Makeup Artist | Lauren Stidham with EVER Skincare

Vintage lace dress is part of the studio's wardrobe collection.

Location: Tucson, Arizona.