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Personal Branding for a Magician | Rodney Housley

I can't describe to you the happiness I feel when I visit a client's website and see how they have incorporated their new personal branding images into their graphic design.

Rodney is a multi-talented artist and he needed multiple branding images for himself and his character, Rodney the Clown. He had me clapping my hands like an overjoyed little girl while he performed a couple of magic tricks for me. Wonders never cease! Seriously so much fun.

He has enormous experience working corporate gigs, such as tradeshows. Rodney performs to attract attendees to booths so sales personnel can initiate conversations.

With his clown character he provides educational seminars for schools teaching life lessons to students in a fun and accessible way. And, of course, he is perfect for creating magic at children's birthday parties.

And if that weren't enough. It's almost unfair to find out that Rodney is also a gifted artist. Check out his paintings at the link below.


Rodney's Website

Rodney's Paintings

Session Details:

Black V-Flat | Studio Strobes

Location: Tucson, Arizona.