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Erik | Scar and Pain Solutions

Before I met Erik I was certainly aware that scars can be unsightly. But I was unaware that scars can be painful. Additionally, the scar tissue build up underneath can create damage to nearby organs and limit mobility. The scar and pain reduction technique that Erik uses is FDA approved and non-invasive. It is safe, has no side effects and results are permanent. Sounds revolutionary, huh? Well, it is.

While Erik treats every kind of scar, many women visit to address scars under breasts from implants, or unsightly and sometimes painful scars from Caesarean sections. He also has the ability to dimish and smooth stretch marks.

Erik puts his clients' healing needs first and takes great pride in providing excellent service. When you speak with him, ask about his stress relief treatments, too.


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Session Details:

Light Gray hand painted backdrop by me | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.