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Andrea | Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management

Andrea was a professional model before her life was upended by a drunk driver. He nearly took her life. It's not an exaggeration. The aftermath of the accident was that her life forever changed. Andrea's recovery was long and slow. Through the ordeal, Andrea learned just how important proper insurance coverage is in a person's life and protecting them and their loved ones against a worst case scenario. Because worst case scenarios happen. Every day.

Andrea became an expert in insurance and she helps her clients with a servant attitude: she truly wants to help. As an insurance broker, she has the ability to find the best insurance for her client's needs across multiple insurance companies. In other words, she doesn't represent just one brand because insurance isn't one size fits all. Everyone has different insurance needs and she has the ability to find the best coverage for a person's unique requirements at competitive rates.

As a side note, you will see lots o' images of Andrea on my website, blog and social media pages. She got back to her modeling roots to help me complete The Backdrop Project. My studio has about 20 backdrops to select from but most are rolled up and can be difficult to envision what they'd look like as a backdrop in a portrait.

Over the course of multiple days and months, Andrea patiently helped me set-up and take down backdrops to photograph her with them. She expertly did her own hair and makeup and we collaborated on wardrobe and accessories, often with her bringing clothes and jewelry from her own collection to coordinate with each color we were photographing that day. So, whether you need to update your insurance policies or hire a model for a campaign, I can provide an enthusiastic referral. Andrea is a joy to work with.

Session Details:

Old Masters Brown Backdrop hand painted by moi | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.