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He who looks outside dreams, he who looks within, awakens. | –Carl Jung

Pam is an interesting, multi-faceted person. She is a talented artist who makes beautiful jewelry and captures dreamy photographs. Beth earned a Ph.D. in microbiology and a significant portion of her career was doing important work in laboratories. Spending time with Pam is time well spent. Pam has a strong curiosity and keenly follows her interests. She knows a lot of things about a lot of things and therefore is a fun conversationalist.

Pam named her hypnosis practice after Theia, the Titan goddess of vision and knowledge, which is a perfect fit because hypnosis enables a person to tap into his or her own inner knowledge. Pam specializes in weight control, relaxation, anxiety, as well as fertility and IVF issues.

Session Details:

Light Gray Backdrop Hand Painted by Michelle Beaumont Owens | Natural Light and Studio Strobe

Hair and Makeup | Erika Christine Aguirre with Lashout with Erika

Location: Tucson, Arizona.