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Allison | LegalShield Independent Associate

When Allison posted her updated headshot on Facebook she wrote, "I finally bit the bullet and had new pictures taken. I can't thank Michelle enough for working with me and all my phobias." Funny.

Making the decision to update her personal branding headshots was a bit of an ordeal for Allison. It had been about 14 years since she had her headshots professionally taken and Allison begrudgingly made the decision to move forward with the photoshoot, even though it was her idea. Allison is definitely a person who would rather go to the dentist for a procedure than get her photos taken. I just had two crowns put in and all I can say is I'd much rather have my photos taken than do anything at the dentist's office. Photoshoots are fun, people!

Of the over 100 comments left by friends and colleagues after Allison posted this personal branding portrait on Facebook, here are some of my favorites:

"That's a "Power Portrait"."

"TOTALLY stopped me! Very cool!"

"Holy guacamole–this is phenomenal. You look awesome, Allison!"

"Love it! Very classy."

"WOW just wow!"

"What a great picture! I love how beautiful and confident you look."

"Bad ass."

Yay, mission accomplished!

If it's been way too many years since you have updated your personal branding images, I will capture portraits of you that look like you. The best version of you. Let me show you how I see you.


Allison is an Independent Associate, Director with LegalShield. LegalShield provides legal services to individuals and families, and small businesses. For over 48 years, LegalShield has pioneered affordable legal services for a flat monthly fee. Interested to learn more? Get in touch with Allison.

Session Details:

Black V-Flat Background | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.