Erik | Casual Personal Branding Photograph
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Erik | Casual Personal Branding Photograph

Erik made the most of her personal branding session. His primary goal was to capture a headshot in professional attire for his business cards, website and social media apps. But while he was at it, Erik also brought additional clothing so he could be photographed in more casual attire.

What I remember most about this particular "arm crossing pose" is that Erik has "a side". And this is it. Left shoulder to the camera. If we tried to reverse it with his right shoulder forward it just did not work. His entire energy shifted. And sometimes that's just how it is so we don't fight it. Not every pose works for every person.

Similarly, if a person has a much smaller eye, I pose the client on an angle so that the eye is closest to the camera. Whatever body part is closest to the camera looks the biggest. This is why I'm always watching placement of hands and feet, too. The focus should be on the face, and not limbs or noticing that a person has a smaller eye (which is actually quite common). It's my job to notice and adjust as needed to capture portraits and headshots that wow.


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Session Details:

Light Gray hand painted backdrop by me | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.