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Ashley | Ronnie's Handyman and Home Service, LLC | 1

Ashley visited the studio to have professional headshots taken for the first time. In our pre-photoshoot consultation, Ashley and I discussed styling, wardrobe and backgrounds to make sure everything would work with the company's colors and branding guidelines.

We decided to capture images on both light and dark backgrounds to give Ashley flexibility for using her images on the company's website and across social media. So Ashley could look at feel her best, professional makeup artist, Erika Aguirre came to do the studio to apply makeup and curl hair on-site. It's best when clients can move directly from the make-up chair to set with just a few steps to keep the look fresh.


Ronnie's Handyman & Home Service, L.L.C.

If you are looking for an amazing handyman service, look no further than Ronnie's. It is a friendly and competent family run business that provides homeowners and businesses with a wide variety of reliable services. If they - for whatever reason - cannot provide the service you need, they will help you find a reliable company that can.

Session Details:

Black V-Flat background | Studio Strobe

Hair and Makeup Artist | Erika Christine Aguirre with Lashout with Erika

Location: Tucson, Arizona.