Chris Weiss | Low-Key Personal Branding Headshot
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Chris Weiss | Low-Key Personal Branding Headshot

Every client and I have a pre-photoshoot consultation to discuss how they want to be photographed, wardrobe options, corresponding backgrounds, styling and what the photographs need to convey. All visual arts convey a message to the viewer. Personal branding is not abstract so we - the client and I - have more control over crafting the message that we would like the viewer to receive.

Portrait photographers are focused on connection between the subject and viewer. The viewer feels the connection to the subject through the eyes. And I'm here to say that nothing, absolutely nothing, trumps a more powerful connection than two sets of eyes meeting and holding the gaze. The old adage is true, "The eyes are the window to the soul."

One of the options to crafting a better image is color. Most guys think that a white shirt will be the best option for a professional headshot. My experience is that color is better. The blue shirt assists with accentuating Chris's blue eyes. This is why a pre-photoshoot consultation is important so you can arrive to your photoshoot fully prepared with the right clothing choices. Rest assured we will capture eye-catching images of you with connection.


Chris Weiss, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Session Details:

Old Masters Brown Backdrop | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.