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Robert | Business Development Manager | 1

Clients assume that if the goal is to capture a headshot, it doesn't matter how the bottom half of their body is clothed. Wrong! Clothing half your body limits options. Why limit your options?

I prefer to have the ability to photograph your body at three-quarter length. Why? Because it gives you more options for how you use your photos. I will retouch the entire photograph and then provide you with a variety of crops. The added length to the photograph, as seen below, is a portrait. Every mother on the planet would love to have a handsome portrait of her son.

In summary, when booking a personal branding session with Artifact Photography Studio, you'll receive eye-catching portraits that you can use in a variety of ways and also have a thoughtful, keepsake present for mom. Win and win!

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Bob's Headshot on a Light Background

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Black V-Flat Background | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.