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Robert | Business Development Manager | 2

I was flattered when Bob drove from Phoenix to Tucson to have me capture his personal branding headshots. We were previously business development teammates for a couple of years before I launched Artifact Photography Studio. I assured him I could refer him to a couple of amazing photographers in Phoenix but he declined the offer. Bob said it wouldn't be too much trouble to drive to Tucson because he knew we'd get the shots he needed. Plus he requested a quick turnaround and I assured him I'd deliver. I retouched his selections as he made the return trip to Phoenix.

The moral to this story is, if you have been dragging your feet, and know you need to update your personal branding headshots, I'm your photographer. The photoshoot experience is fun and you'll love your images.

Session Details:

White V-Flat Background | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.