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Bill Bonner | Reign Photography

Bill is a published award-wining photographer located in Sierra Vista who enjoys serving the southeast corner of Arizona and beyond. He also travels world-wide to photograph weddings and events.

I am honored that Bill chose me as his photographer to update his personal branding headshots for use on his website and other branding needs.

After our photoshoot, this is what Bill wrote and posted as a review on Artifact Photography Studio's Facebook business page:

"The lost art of studio photography is found again here with Michelle! Her studio was so comfortable! She had multiple backdrop and lighting setups to customize whatever look or preference I had for our session. I updated my headshots and she helped me realize, again, how important it is to be photographed regularly, for yourself and for your family.

Her studio has all the pieces to create engaging poses and help to make you feel as natural as possible. She's very creative and willing to work to achieve that one photograph that shows you genuinely and at your best. In my opinion, nothing beats the simplicity and pureness of a great backdrop headshot. If your work or personal life relate to the public in any way, contact Michelle and schedule your appointment and let her take care of the rest!"

Thank you, Bill. It was a joy collaborating with you.


Reign Photography

Session Details:

Old Masters Brown hand painted backdrop by Michelle Beaumont Owens | Studio Lighting

Location: Tucson, Arizona.