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Kelly is passionate about educating people in all the myriads of ways our bodies encounter toxins on a daily basis so we can do better avoiding them. One of the easiest ways of cutting out toxins is by paying attention to what we put on our skin. If our skin care, cosmetics, and clothing detergents are free of toxins we have taken a huge step forward in removing toxin exposure from our daily lives. Even sun screens, toothpaste, deodorants and perfumes can have dozens of chemicals that are BAD for our bodies.

What I love about the Pure Haven company is that ever product is safe, natural and nontoxic. I don't have to read all the small print on their labels to try to decode whether every ingredient is safe for humans because the company provides a guarantee that all Pure Haven products are 100% toxin free.

Beyond skincare the company also offers amazing products like the Headache Stick that provides non-toxic relief from headaches regardless of whether the cause is sinuses or stress.

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Make Your Home a Pure Haven with Kelly Ottaway

Session Details:

Flower Background | Natural Light

Professional Hair and Makeup | Andrea Salazar with Haus of Dreams, LLC

Location: Tucson, Arizona.