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Glamour Portrait | Canna

Canna is a gifted Reiki practitioner. Positive energy radiates from Canna. Reiki helps promote healing and health by releasing stress and tension through healing touch. As a Karuna Holy Fire II Reiki Master, if you need to get your chakras moving, Canna's the one to help you.

During a Reiki session the client is eased in to a deep relaxive state which helps the body rid itself of stress and tension. Reiki can help reduce anxiety, fatigue and pain so that patients feel better, sleep better, maintain better focus and attain a higher state of well-being.

During a session Canna is attuned to sense energy blocks and she is trained to correct imbalances. She will also receive symbols that will help her provide information to the client about why the imbalances are occuring and steps that can be taken to further help the client beyond the session. Reiki can help us live more mindfully so that we can be receptive to the messages we need to hear and learn from.

Shortly after meeting Canna I had a vision of crafting an iconic earth mother image with her gorgeous hair flowing around her. Mission accomplished!

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki, or scheduling an appointment in Tucson, Arizona, please visit Canna's website: Body For Life Healing.

Session Details:

Hand painted brown muslin backdrop | Studio lighting

Makeup Artist | Lauren Stidham with EVER Skincare

Bronze Award | Portrait Masters: September 2018

Location: Tucson, Arizona.