Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Textured Cyan

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.

–Claude Monet
Andrea styled as a mermaid. She did her own hair and makeup for this photoshoot.

The textured cyan backdrop has primarily been used to photograph indoor mermaid photoshoots in the studio, although it has come in handy for retro-styled sets as well. I did not paint this backdrop, rather it was an inexpensive find on eBay. Score!

For indoor mermaid photoshoots, there are seven handmade crowns to choose from in the current line-up. Ironically, the crown Andrea is wearing was supposed to be a “simple” crown, a piece designed as “light and rustic” that could be worn in the pool. Ha! Somehow the crown took on a life of its own, as they often do, and I kept adding sparkly beads and strands of shells to the point of excess.

Nearing completion I still felt as if the crown needed some additional element despite “everything” that was going on with the design. My sister, Juliette, who is an artist extraordinaire, recalled having abalone stars that would be the final visual exclamation point, and went in search of them. Knowing we have something and then finding it can be a challenge for we sisters. Happily Juliette was able to quickly find the stars in her vast stash of beads and findings that she uses to make beautiful jewelry and one-of-a-kind art pieces. Scroll down to see photos of the making of the crown as well as additional images captured with the backdrop.

Behind the scenes capture by Valerie Pedersen.
I finished this crown over the Independence Day holiday in 2019 when I stayed with my sister, Juliette in Bisbee. We crafted for days and finished earrings and necklaces too (that we had started the previous year at the same time). I’m not quite sure where my mermaid crown obsession started but I cannot seem to stop making them.
The textured cyan backdrop is a perfect complement to Ashley’s retro styling. Make-up by Erika Christine Aguirre. Vintage hair styling by Maria Aurelia.
Mother and daughter, Lindsey and Campbell, in a retro-style mermaid setting. My sister, Juliette and I made the crowns, which I wrote about in the mermaid crown tutorial.
Savannah finished her fine art creative photoshoot as a mermaid. Hair by Claudia Ratcliffe and makeup by Areli Jones.

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