Backdrops for Photoshoots Tutorial

Studio Backdrop: Cerulean Blue

There are connoisseurs of blue just as there are connoisseurs of wine.

-Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
Andrea is wearing a navy velvet dress to create a unifying monochrome look.

Ironically the blue backdrop was the first that I painted as part of The Backdrop Project and is the last to be featured on the blog. It is the last to be featured because I needed to make some modifications to it after photographing with it a few times.

The main issue is that it wasn’t as versatile of a color as I hoped it would be. Royal Blue is a favorite shade of many clients and I found that this backdrop did not play well with Royal Blue. Since the blue is on the reverse side of the Old Masters Brown backdrop, which is always hung because it is too heavy to take up and down and move around, I needed to give the blue an update.

I also did not have a place to paint backdrops any longer as I moved the racks of clothing and furniture back into place, which meant I would need to paint the backdrop in place, where it is hanging in the studio. Since I would not be able to use a textured roller, I would need to apply the paint with a brush. I decided to add color a little at a time with watered down paint and light, uneven brush strokes. Keep scrolling to see the finished backdrop hanging in the studio.

Cerulean backdrop revision 1.0 looked like gazing into a pool of water. It would have been fun to photograph a swimsuit series on the backdrop.
Andrea photographed on the 1.0 version of the backdrop.
Cerulean backdrop revision 2.0 has four more shades of blue added to the canvas including a dark navy that was applied to add texture.

I got a little heavy handed with the texture on the smaller backdrop to the right. It’s difficult to match things up perfectly. Fortunately, I like the effect when photographed, as you can see in the cover image and the one below. You can still see some of the original blue coming through in the backdrop and with the additional hues of blue, the color is now more versatile.

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