Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Vintage Pink

Every woman should have something pink in her wardrobe. It is the color of happiness.

-Christian Dior
Andrea and I contemplated this color combination for awhile. We took the dress and hung it on the backdrop and stood back, assessing the colors together. I really like how her lipstick perfectly matches the color of her dress. Scroll down to see a more monochromatic pink on pink pairing.

I didn’t realize how much I like the color pink until I started photographing it. For as much as I love color, my personal wardrobe is filled with black, like my heart (just kidding… it’s what popped into my head as I was typing).

There are two reasons I predominately wear black. First, it is a slimming color. I feel my best when I wear dark colors. For the greater part of my adult life I have struggled with maintaining a healthy weight (which I confronted and addressed in 2020). Second, black camouflages stains. Unfortunately I tend to spill things on myself way too often so black mostly hides those pesky coffee, chocolate, red wine and crafting stains. #kiddingnotkidding

My color reference for painting the backdrop was this phenomenal tulle robe. Isn’t it dreamy and wonderful? Before declaring a backdrop finished, I hung and photographed it with a color reference to verify the colors between the paint and fabric were complementary. And this is how it looks in a portrait, just as I imaged how fabulous it would be:
Trina was so excited to wear the tulle robe for one her six looks. Doesn’t she look magnificent? She participated in the Wise Women: 50 Over 50 Project.

I noticed one day, while perusing through my portfolio, that I frequently photograph pink on both the gold and blondie silver backdrops, and in front of the Bay window to capture the ethereal look that I adore. And let’s not forget the flower wall, which has a plethora of pink and peach colored flowers.

Evelyn visited the studio to participate in the Wise Women: The 50 Over 50 Project. This is her husband’s favorite image from her portfolio. A scroll stopper for sure. Notice how the pink backdrop is brighter in this image and darker in the one above. The pink can be toned to match the mood of the image.

When I embarked upon The Backdrop Project, I decided that I wanted a pink backdrop. I ended up adding in a bit of a chocolate color to give the backdrop some depth. I also painted this backdrop towards the end of the project when I was feeling freer to experiment with painting techniques. Maybe it was from smelling paint fumes for nearly two weeks in a closed up house at the end of a very hot, almost monsoonless, July.

I added texture to the backdrop by spraying thinned paint through a heavy duty spray bottle that I purchased at Home Depot. The nozzle eventually clogged and gave its last spray. Fortunately, the death of the spray bottle was toward the end when I was questioning whether the drop was finished. I’m frequently asked how I know when a creative project is done. In this case, the sprayer was done so I was done.

The spray bottles worked overtime during The Backdrop Project.

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