Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Gold

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

-Maya Angelou
As you can see from this portrait of Andrea, the gold backdrop – layered here with the blondie silver – is not large. On the bright side, the smaller size makes it portable. Andrea paired her shimmering top with one of the studio’s sequin covered skirts for an eye-pleasing mostly monochromatic look.

This gold backdrop has been a studio favorite since the day it arrived. It has strong texture which is ideal for creating portraits that have a painterly look. A painterly style in photography is a term used to describe characteristics of paintings, including colors and textures. If a photograph has characteristics of a painting, it is defined as having a painterly style.

Maddie with Marie Antoinette-inspired styling, traditional posing, unified tones and a variety of textures is intentionally painterly. Yes, that’s really a tin ship atop her head.
This legacy portrait of Ursula and her daughter is soft and beautiful and will be in their family for generations.
Lovely Devi is a Wise Women: 50 Over 50 Project participant. The Jessica McClintock blue velvet coat has been in Devi’s wardrobe since the 1980s. Velvet is always a great choice for a photoshoot because of the rich tones and resistance to wrinkles.
Sisters make my heart sing. They loved the Charlie’s Angels vibe.
Savannah is radiant in gold. The BCBG evening dress that she is wearing is part of the studio’s wardrobe collection.

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