Backdrops for Photoshoots Natural Light Portraits

Studio Backdrop: Flower Wall

After women, flowers are the most divine creations.

–Christian Dior
I could tell by Andrea’s subtle reaction that she thought I was a bit crazy when I suggested placing that ginormous flower on her head as a hat. Happily, because you are seeing it here means it was one of her favorite images. I was inspired by the famous photograph by Patrick Demarchelier of Christy Turlington. This image was captured with natural light available from the Bay window.

The flower wall has been a studio staple since May 2019. It consumes a lot of space and every couple of months I toy with the idea of dismantling it or rolling it up and stowing it in the garage for awhile so I can clear space for a new backdrop. But every time I go to break it down, a client requests to add it to their photoshoot set list. So it remains. Admittedly the flower wall brings a bit of whimsy and good cheer to the studio no matter the season.

Chrisie is looking fabulous lying on the flower backdrop. Chrisie visited the studio to participate in the Wise Women: The 50 over 50 Project. This portrait is captured with natural light coming through a big Bay window. The Bay window is frequently used as a backdrop for photoshoots.
A behind the scenes glimpse of capturing Chrisie’s flower portrait in natural light. A big thank you to Gayle Petrillo for capturing the action.
Coral is a gifted dancer. Swan Lake was my inspiration for the styling of this image. A studio strobe provided the light which added some lighting drama.
As you can see, the flower wall is quite large. It was assembled by placing thousands of flowers by hand through chicken fencing. The creation of the wall was made possible by Michael’s 70% off floral sales and blooms purchased at the Dollar store.
Many expectant mother’s love to include a set of images with the flower wall in their portfolio of maternity images.
Behind the scenes maternity photoshoot with Julianne.
Abby was the first to be photographed in the “field of flowers” look. While she looks like she was photographed in natural light, this photograph was captured with studio strobes.
A moodier field of flowers portrait of Abby.

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