Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Blondie Silver

It’s more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

-Alfred Eisenstaedt
Andrea looking fierce in a metallic evening gown paired with pearl accented stiletto heels.

The general rule of thumb for styling a photoshoot is that we photograph cool tones on a cool toned backdrop and warm tones on a warm toned backdrop. I have found that the “Blondie Silver” backdrop plays nicely with both cool and warm tones making it extremely versatile to photograph a range of looks and styles. I can also push the final toning of an image into cooler or warmer tones, as you will see while scrolling through the images in this post.

The “Blondie Silver” backdrop is large, measuring about 10’x20′. The largest group I have photographed with it is a family of eight. The backdrop also looks good when layered with the studio’s darker gold backdrop for added texture and framing.

Chrisie rockin’ the animal print and not much more. Chrisie visited the studio to participate in the Wise Women: The 50 over 50 Project.
Same Rembrandt lighting as the cover photo, just an alternate pose for Andrea.
Mother and son legacy portrait of Abby and Mauricio. We planned the timing of this photoshoot perfectly. Dad arrived with Mauricio after Abby had been styled, dressed and placed on set, just waiting for her son to be delivered to her arms. We had about 8 minutes to capture the shot, which felt like all the time in the world, before Mauricio wanted to investigate the new environment.
Someone cracked a funny. Dawn and her daughters having a laughing fit during the photoshoot. Yes, photoshoots really are this fun. You’ll love the photoshoot experience just as much as you do your beautiful images.
Ali is captivating in this monochrome look.
Amelia is pretty in pink. The wig was decorated on the fly during the photoshoot. It’s best not to overthink the bling for Marie Antoinette-inspired styling. We just go with it!
Beauty portraits of Maddie for the holidays.
Maddie styled in an oversized, off-the-shoulder pink sweater.
Behind the scenes of Julianne’s maternity photoshoot. The gold backdrop is layered on the floor to extend the reach of the “Blondie Silver” backdrop.
Flowing fabric is a personal and client favorite. In this particular case, Julianne’s husband did an excellent job of throwing the fabric. I promised him that he wouldn’t have to hand in his man card after the photoshoot.
Savannah looking fabulous in copper sequin frock with matching crown, both items are part of the studio’s wardrobe and accessories collection.

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