Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Chalk Paint Blue-Gray

Andrea photographed in a lighting set-up called “the half-light”.

I thought I found a way to easily paint a backdrop by using chalk paint. I saw examples on the internet that looked absolutely gorgeous. One writer claimed that all she did was throw some chalk paint on a wall and voila gorgeousness ensued. So I went to Home Depot, bought dark gray chalk paint and excitedly – yes, excitedly – rolled on a layer of paint. It dried to a dull uninteresting color with no texture. 🙁

What painting project doesn’t involve thirty trips to Home Depot? Back to Home Depot I trudged to investigate what colors of chalk paint were available in sample colors. There were only three hues available: black, white and a pretty pastel blue. I bought all three. Back home I returned to apply the colors with a textured roller over the flat black paint. With a bit of patience I was able to say yes to success. The addition of the light blue chalk paint lends a hint of a cool undertone to the gray that is quite lovely. The key to success is in not giving up.

In addition to this blue-gray backdrop, the studio has a variety of gray backdrops in hues that range from lighter to darker:

Light Gray | Warm Light Gray  | Portable Medium Gray | Charcoal Gray

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