Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Portable Medium Gray

The best thing about a photograph is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

-Andy Warhol
Andrea in red is giving me life.

This medium gray textured backdrop is a little less than 5′ wide making it ideal for layering with other backdrops in the studio. It’s also ideal for transporting in a vehicle if I’m shooting on location.

In the photo of Andrea, above, the backdrop is layered with the Old Masters Brown. If layering isn’t your thing, the gray backdrop can be easily extended in Photoshop. Here’s an example:

Laura is a participant in the Wise Women: 50 over Fifty Project.

The studio has five additional hand painted gray backgrounds to choose between for portrait sessions: charcoal gray, chalk paint blue-gray, light gray and warm light gray. For a more commercial look, seamless paper is also a favorite choice.

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