Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Olive Green

For a warm earthy palette, add raw umber, cadmium red light, burnt umber and olive green.

–Lisa Buck-Goldstein
A full length portrait of Andrea.

Green is an interesting color in that it can be warmer or cooler depending upon how it is mixed. If a green has a lot of yellow, such as a lime green, it is considered warm. A green that has more blue, such as a Kelly green, is considered cool. I love that Pam’s dress below has both the warm and cool tones and how the green enables the red in the dress and lipstick to really pop. The bold print of the dress works well here, too.

Pam participated in the Wise Women: 50 Over 50 Project. The backdrop perfectly complimented the tones in her dress. Side note: Pam made the fabulous earrings she’s wearing in this photo.

This backdrop is small, only measuring about 4’x6′. I find I use it most when it is layered with other backdrops. In the two images above, the olive green backdrop is paired with the Old Masters brown, and a medium gray backdrop is placed on the floor.

With feathered light, the backdrop takes on a darker tone and is perfect for a painterly-style portrait. A painterly-style portrait is when we are intentionally making an image to incorporate qualities of an oil painting. In the following photograph, Miranda’s auburn hair looks amazing against the olive green color. The palette is warm. The soft tones subtly convey a mother’s love for her child.

Painterly-style maternity portrait of Miranda. The cohesive tones in this image are muted and beautiful. The studio has many crowns to choose from when adding a creative set to your stylized photoshoot.

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