Backdrops for Photoshoots

Studio Backdrop: Bay Window

Working in white makes people look into it. White is ethereal. There’s a purity to it, it makes things look elevated in a way.

-Jonathan Milne, Sculpture
Andrea is wearing the studio’s fabulous mauve robe that is seemingly made from miles and miles of tulle.

When I started the photography studio in 2017 I worked solely with natural light available from a northward facing Bay window. Even in sunny Tucson we occasionally experience overcast and rainy days, on an average of 53 days a year. I need to be able to capture photographs on any day no matter the weather, or the time of day (or evening for that matter).

Therefore, in 2018 I added strobes to my photography gear so I could create any kind of light I want depending upon the style of photographs my client’s need or desire. As a professional photographer it’s critical that my gear enables me to capture the types of images my client’s want me to capture.

Andrea captured in front of the Bay window. An extra layer of drapes were hung for additional texture in the image.

Portrait sessions include images captured with natural light, strobes and a mix of both. I have also added an outdoor farmer’s market canopy to better control the light for photographs captured in my backyard. A favorite set-up with the outdoor canopy is to hang sheer fabrics that sway in the wind and play hide and seek with the rays of the sun. It’s nice having two distinct areas to capture natural light images both inside and outside.

Ali and Coral look ethereal in the glow of the bay window.
It’s always a wonderful day in the studio when Lindsey and Campbell are in front of my lens.
Adalis and her daughters make my heart sing in this soft light.
Miranda chose both light and dark lacey fabrics to wear in front of for the window light for her maternity session. She had a boy!
Lowry and Lindsey are the sweetest sisters. When I discovered Lindsey is a twin I couldn’t get the sisters into the studio fast enough.
Coral is a gifted dancer and it shows in her poise, beautiful posture and pointed toes.
Brigette is lovely in corset and tulle and surrounded by dreamy soft light.
Maddie photographed using only natural light in front of the Bay window.

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