Field of Flowers | Abigail
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Field of Flowers | Abigail

I'm always looking to incorporate flowers in to photoshoots in new ways.

About a month before the photoshoot Abigail visited the studio for the consultation session. She tried on multiple dresses from the studio's wardrobe collection, which were mostly toned in hues of green for a special project that I have been working on over the past few months.

What I particularly like about consultation sessions is that my brain can then begin to work on how to photograph a client once we have had an opportunity to get to know each other and wardrobe has been selected. No two photoshoots are the same because I tailor each session to the individual.

When I saw Abigail I was inspired to capture her lying on a field of flowers. And instead of trying to replicate the look of a warm sunny day, I opted to lean towards the dramatic with moodier lighting.

I used almost every flower that I have in the studio to make a frame around Abigail. To emphasize the moodier aspect of the image, Abigail first wore a black gown decorated with sequins. But as I started to capture images I realized that I wanted to repeat the flower theme with the dress. Fortunately I have a large inventory of dresses and this gorgeous bias-cut gown with embroidered flowers was perfect.

Session Details:

Background is a selection of mixed artificial flowers | Studio Lighting

Studio Wardrobe

Location: Tucson, Arizona.