Candid Family Portrait | Dawn, Miranda, Delia & Marlena
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Candid Family Portrait | Dawn, Miranda, Delia & Marlena

When I think about the photoshoot with Dawn and her daughters, I recall the frequent and happy laughter that we shared. In many ways their family reminded me of my family because I am the youngest of four daughters. It was easy for me to enjoy their camaraderie and feel companionship in their witty repertoire.

Because three out of the four family members came to Tucson from out of state, we did not have the opportunity to meet in advance to select wardrobe. Therefore the first order of the day was to choose what they'd wear. In advance of their arrival, I grouped the studio's widest assortment of clothing by color: black, purple, creams/silver/gold, brown, red, and navy. They unanimously chose the first three colors. Then, all that was left to do was select items for each person to wear within each color group.

The best part on playing dress-up is that everyone gets instant feedback from the group on her various choices. You know you have a winner when everyone swoons. It's not uncommon to hear cheers and whistles too, which is then followed by bursts of laughter.

Photoshoots are fun especially when you are being photographed with those you love most in the world.

Family is not an important thing, it's everything. | Michael J. Fox

Session Details: Hand Painted Muslin Backdrop | Studio Lighting

Studio Wardrobe and Accessories

Location: Tucson, Arizona.