#38 of 50: Paige Cogdall
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#38 of 50: Paige Cogdall

Director of Volunteerism

Paige has a prankster side to her personality. It’s a trait she inherited from her mother, Sandy. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and they can be kind of silly. One year, Paige and her mother decided that they would make gift packages for Halloween and instead of candy, they would pack up the fixings for each friend’s favorite cocktail. (Now that’s my kind of friend.) For the delivery, they’d arrive unannounced at a friend’s door. They’d knock on the windows and doors while yelling “Boo!” in that long, drawn-out way people yell boo. When the unsuspecting friend opened the door, they’d shout, “You’ve been boozed!” All was well and good and tons of fun until they reached their last destination. They proceeded to scare their last friend half to death—so much so, said friend called the police. Turns out the last laugh was on them when the police arrived to investigate.

When not scaring up a good time, Paige lends her helping hands to friends and good causes. The Tucson organization in which she knows the most people is the Angel Charity. She served as chair for the 2019 Angel Ball. She and her fundraising team raised just over one million dollars for children in Pima County, which exceeded the fundraising team’s goal by twenty percent. Bravo!

If Paige could wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow, it would be Spain. She’s been to Spain three times, and in July 2021, she was there for almost three weeks. Paige has even gone so far as to research the cost of living in Spain, which is low. The healthcare is also quite good, and the tapas bars are excellent. But with that being said, after moving fifteen times as a military wife, she has moved enough for one lifetime and is quite content to stay in Tucson.

Read more about Paige, and see additional portraits from her photoshoot, upon the release of the Wise Women: The 50 over 50 Magazine later this year.

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